Mission Statement


  1. Smoke Kitchen -Why, How, What

    Everything we do is from a passion and love for food. We truly believe in a hand crafted flavorful product and the challenge of creating great food that is accessible to all.
    We know wood fired rotisserie chicken cooked by people with passion is the best thing you will taste- just like the food your Mom or Grandmother or Dad or Grandfather made you because they and we cook with love and the idea of nurturing those we care for.

    Hand crafted food cooked by highly trained chefs with total respect for the best products that we can find. Procuring free range chickens and local vegetables and then turning these items into simple wonderful wood fired dishes that you will want to eat everyday.
    The way to translate this love of food and nurturing and giving everyone really good tasty flavorful food means that they will have a new and lasting food memory.

    We make damn good slow cooked rotisserie chicken, that is good for you and your family! We make tons of vegetable side dishes based on local and seasonal availability.

  2. Smoke Kitchen was an epic failure. No effort means no results, and after years they basically did nothing but pay themselves with the money generous investors trusted them with. Now that it is gone, they have nothing, including remorse for stealing investors money. Most startups work like hell to make it happen; these guys did nothing. Posers, through and through...